Sell With Us

Guidelines and best practice for selling with us

Before you can sell with us

Before you can sell with us, we ask you to first of all make contact with us.

Then we will arrange to meet you, either at your farm or another convenient location. The next step is for you to fill in the booking form and then we will send you a date to start.


At our farmers market, we value diversity in the range of products on offer, in order to provide the best experience to our customers, our stallholders.

At our farmers’ market, we have two categories of sellers:

Primary producers

People who grow or harvest their own produce fall into this category. Our role is to help you reach the end consumer. Meat farmers, fishermen, bee keepers producing their own honey, cheese makers as well as growers of fruit and vegetables, fall into this category. This category also includes handmade items, craft items and upcycled pieces.

Secondary producers

Into this category fall people who produce their own foods from ingredients. We expect at least the majority of the ingredients to be sourced locally. Cooks, bakers, jam makers as well as producers of beers, wines, gin, cordials, etc., fall into this category.

Vegan and Vegetarian

We have a vegan and a vegetarian food court separately.

We take a holistic view at our farmers market, so there will be a Dr Bike and also yoga.